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Thief! by gyaban Thief! by gyaban
All the photos and editing by me.

This image is my entry to a photo challenge, whose theme was "Dirds" (a composite of Dog+Bird). Editing for the sake of it is not very interesting to me. While the very description of this challenge literally called for that, I tried to do my best to create some sort of story that would work with those constraints. The possibilities were not that numerous, but I finally decided to depict this hybrid of bird and dog, flying away with his catch.

Very quickly, it appeared that a high angle shot could be very effective, so I decided to work on such composition. Obtaining the appropriate photos was not that easy.

First, how do you photograph a flying bird, pointing to your direction, while being above it? The best way of doing that reliably that came to mind was to travel to the coast, and shoot the seagulls from the cliffs above the ocean. Unfortunately, it was a grey day, and the lack of light was really a problem for the autofocus of my camera (I should consider upgrading it, one of these days). Not mentioning the dullness of the photos. I came back without the perfect image, despite my efforts, so I had to do my best from there.

Then, the dog was a problem too, but my wife was taking care of one in the vet clinic she works at: she authorized me to get a few photos. Again, nothing ideal, but better than nothing obviously.

For the paved street, it was a bit easier, even if I had to climb on some sort of gate to get the good angle. A few kids that were playing in the area were intrigued enough to come and ask for explanation, which I quickly eluded. I left the place before attracting any more attention.

The rest of the photos (myself as a butcher, the cat, the bike, sausages) were shot at home. Quite simple in theory, but try to force a cat to look up on demand... In fact, I was planning to use another of my cat, who kept refusing to pose, while this one decided by himself to come by. Go figure!
muratosman Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
wondeful! I really like the explanation you put below each camera shot :)
Venom-V13 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
Lol, this is awesome!
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December 21, 2013
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