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Diversity by gyaban
It was a beautiful week-end. My 7 months old daughter and I were both enjoying the spring sun in the garden. She was looking at everything around her with amazement: grass, flower, cats, bugs, leaves moving in the breeze. Her little hands were overwhelmed, trying to touch and feel everything. There were no words, nor any need for them: our smiles and shiny eyes were speaking for us. I felt so privileged to share this peaceful moment with her.

In the evening, I put the TV on, and the return to reality was brutal. As a global society, we really live without consideration for this world. Without stepping into extremism, what shocks me the most are all these unnecessary destructive attitudes, that are widely considered as banal and normal. There's some bug that got into your house? Bam, kill it. There's a tree where you wanted a road? Who cares, cut it. My wife, who is a vet, came back from work in the evening. Once again, she had loads of sad stories. Beside the various illnesses and accidents, a man kicked an old man's cat, simply because it was wandering in his garden. The poor old man was crying. The cat was suffocating, its chest being crushed, then died.

Why? Is power such a heady feeling? Why is it so easy considering ourselves superior on some conveniently crafted scale? Is it simply because we can? All I see is arrogance and stupidity. It really makes me sad. I hope we can learn from our mistakes, but I'm doubting it more and more.

Regarding the technical side of this creation, I started to photograph the moon. Then, my wife posed for the main character: she was originally holding to a rope to avoid falling while maintaining the position, then I shot her right arm and leg separately to create the levitation effect. For the underwater part, I went to a lake nearby, put my camera in a fish tank, and used the whole in the water. It worked quite well: I even shot some real fish unexpectedly! Back home, I photographed lots of pieces of fabric, thrown in various ways: I used those to construct the dress, the tentacles and the wildlife.

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you like it.
Little Red Nutcracker by gyaban
Little Red Nutcracker
Everything photographed and edited by me.

On her way to her Grandma through the woods, Little Red Nutcracker was enjoying the warm summer day so much, that she didn't notice a dark shadow approaching... Suddenly, the wolf appeared beside her.
- "What are you doing out here, little girl?" the wolf asked in a voice as friendly as he could muster.
- "I'm on my way to see my Grandma who lives through the forest, near the brook"  she replied.
- "You know the story as much as I do, little girl" the wolf replied.
- "Yes, you are not that nice in fact: you are going to take a shortcut and eat Grandma before I get there!" she answered.
- "That's true... unless you answer these three questions!"
- "Ask me the questions, evil wolf. I am not afraid." she said.
- "What... is your name?" the wolf asked.
- "Little Red Nutcracker!" she replied.
- "What... is your quest?" the wolf then asked.
- "To visit my Grandma and bring her food!" she said.
- "What... is your favorite color?" the wolf finally questioned.
- "Isn't the answer quite obvious!?" she answered.
- "Ha ha, this is not correct! THOU SHALL NOT PASS!" yelled the wolf, moving his arms around.
At that point, Little Red Nutcracker lost patience, quickly ran around the wolf, and kicked him so hard that the wolf took off in the air, disappearing in the sky. He would not ask for her name ever again, and definitely stopped believing in children tales for good.

Not so lucky after all by gyaban
Not so lucky after all
Everything photographed and edited by me, no stock.

Friday the 13th is a very famous calendar slot in occidental cultures. The number 13 itself seems to be considered as a symbol of both luck and bad luck, depending on the superstition. Then, "Friday the 13th" is also an horror flick. As a result, I decided to mix these various concepts into one picture, mainly for fun.

This is how I imagined a four-leaf clover found by a lucky man, who is probably going to realize very soon that he is not that lucky, since he's just arrived next to a serial killer burying his victims in a strange way... The most challenging part was to shoot the actual victims: it was not possible to simply stand still in front of the camera and mirror the photo vertically, because the legs and feet positions would have been all wrong. So I had to take these photos lying on the ground, with the camera shooting from above, which can be difficult when you are alone at home: start the camera timer, run downstairs half-naked, tie your feet and hands, then crawl on the floor into the good position... fun stuff!
Parthenogenesis by gyaban
Have you ever wondered what part of you is really you? I mean, we all are the sum of various influences (parents, brothers, sisters, friends, wife, husband, kids, colleagues, etc.), and of various experiences (most of which we did not choose in the first place), but does some kind of personal core exist? Is there something inside you that is purely your own being? And if so, would it even be possible to identify it, to store it in some way, to clone it or transmit it?

I was day dreaming about that, when the idea of this recursive image appeared in my mind. I thought a steampunk environment would fit the project nicely. As usual, I started by drawing some rough sketches, which proved to be very useful here (preparing the appropriate position in order for the multiple photos to align well was important). Then I disguised myself with a hat and goggles I've bought a long time ago (for another project that I've never finished), and shot a self portrait as well as all the other items: flame, copper tubes, steam, and so on. The editing part was fun, because I was unsure of the result until the very last steps: I spent 90% of the time on the main character, and all the other copies were created at the end. It felt a bit like a little surprise ;-) Thanks for watching!
Liberte d'Expression by gyaban
Liberte d'Expression
Everything photographed and edited by me.

As you probably know, on 7 January 2015 occurred the deadliest act of terrorism in France of the last 50 years. 12 persons died in the offices of "Charlie Hebdo", a satirical newspaper, because they believed in an absolute form of freedom of expression. I must confess this tragedy hurt me deeply. A few days later, a gigantic march occurred in Paris as an historical act of protestation against terror, against censorship. At least everything is not lost, millions of people still believe in those values: it was somewhat heart-warming.

The day after that march, I decided to pay an homage to this reaction, by recreating another version of the famous painting "La liberté guidant le peuple" by Eugène Delacroix. In this version, I replaced all the weapons by pens, pencils, cameras or books, as a metaphor for the defense of freedom of expression.

Of course, that painting involves various characters, and I don't have access to lots of models. As a consequence, I brought my camera at work, and quickly improvised a shooting session. I had no lighting gear at all, so it was a bit challenging, but lots of people spontaneously accepted to pose for the project. Thank you so much everyone! From left to right:
- Olivier, the photographer, always keen for a good laugh
- Simon, the dead clown, and the most helpful guy you'll ever meet
- Ronan, the singer, that definitely does not need a microphone in real life
- Francesca, the social networker, unstoppable whatever the circumstances
- Marianne, la République, my dear wife who guides my life
- Yannick, the paperboy, whose brain is quicker that light
- Luc, the dead book-writer, as clever as Yoda, but much more handsome

It was an ambitious project, very challenging to achieve in a few days (there are 44 different photos assembled in the final image, and I shot around 1000 of them to get there), but I am happy of the result, and I hope others will enjoy it too.

Thanks for watching, et Vive la Liberté !


gyaban's Profile Picture
Christophe Kiciak
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I am a self-taught hobbyist, who simply enjoys creating unusual images. My work never contain anything but my own photos, combined into surreal, conceptual, or fantasy oriented pictures. My beloved wife Marianne is helping me, especially on the artistic side of the creations (sets construction, image composition, color choices, overall feeling).

I am convinced that a great deal of what “Art” is lies in doing things differently. In visual arts, looking at things from another angle, modifying the lighting, adjusting an expression, or changing an attitude can bring life to an otherwise dull work. However, seeking difference simply for the sake of it is probably not a good way to obtain the best results. This is where “Creativity” steps in. I would personally define it as the ability to use difference as a tool to bring interest. Therefore, being creative is very important to me. Of course, I often fail at it, but I believe that pursuing that goal is the path I should follow.

Creating a new image is a whole process to me. Some photographers are able to instinctively recognize a worthy situation, find the best angle, and shoot it, all in a matter of seconds: this is a talent I don’t have. However, what I can do is imagine concepts, draw several rough sketches to see how they could be efficiently translated into pictures, determine all the various photos I am going to need, hunt patiently for them, plan additional shooting sessions, and assemble everything on the computer. As a result, my images are like personal statements, a bit like a novel for a writer. Everyone is free to like or dislike them, to agree with my point of view or not, but fact is there is no cheating in them: my images are the direct reflection of my thoughts, the traces of my existence.


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