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Justice at Stake by gyaban
Justice at Stake
Everything photographed and edited by me.

Have you ever refused a gift? What would you do, if someone offered you something really valuable, without asking for any apparent counterpart? Evidently, it would be very tempting to accept. However, doing so with the wrong person would put you in a difficult position. When you are in debt, even psychologically, it becomes very hard to remain fair (if such thing even exists). From there, it is obvious that people working as judges of any kind should really make sure to avoid external influences.

However, why do so many politicians accept presents from private companies? Aren't they supposed to work in their country's interest, and nothing else? Why do so many doctors accept gifts from pharmaceutical industry? Aren't they supposed to give the best medication depending on the pathology, not on the brand? Why are some judges elected by popular vote, aren't they supposed to be fair, instead of seeking voices?

As an individual, it is of course impossible to remain fully intellectually independent. However, as a society, we definitely must make sure that justice is protected from corruption and external control. Without it, I really can't see how rights of individuals would be guaranteed in any way.
The Raft of Halloween by gyaban
The Raft of Halloween
Everything photographed and edited by me (no stock).

Looks like Halloween's candies can be hard on stomachs... even for monsters' ones!

Thanks a lot to all my coworkers who accepted to pose for this redux of the famous Gericault's painting, The Raft of the Medusa:
- Celine, the witch
- Thierry, the vampire
- Olivier, the zombie with an axe in the head
- Martin, the mage
- Aurelie, the corpse bride
- Clement, the vampire
- Yannick, Jack'O + the demon
- Simon, the Frankenstein creature
- Maxime, the fluffy thing

Last but not least, special thanks to my wife who helped me pose for all the other characters, and construct the raft in our garden!
Growing up is made of small things by gyaban
Growing up is made of small things
No stock, everything photographed and edited by me.

Yesterday, I was waving at my 11 months old daughter, Emilie, to grab her attention. Today, she is waving back at me with her little hand. It may sound obvious, but each experience, even the smallest one, is definitely making us one step closer to our future self.

I can't help imagining all the various men I could have been, "if". It is not a matter of regrets, I am becoming too old for these, but rather plain curiosity. Could have I been a great sportsman, if I had chosen to join this athletics club? Would have I become a novel writer, if I had held to my pen instead of running after girls? Would I be a lab scientist if I had studied more and partied less? It is funny, how better versions of myself come to mind first. There are also so many negative possibilities, so many sad paths that could have been mine. Would I be in a wheeling chair, if that car hadn't stopped when I crossed that road at 6 years old? Would I be obese if my mum had not said to be ashamed of my weight 20 years ago? Would I be unemployed if my first boss had not given me a chance in the first place? I'm sure you can remember about a detail of your past, that completely changed the person you became, can't you?

One could say that it is useless to think about these hypothesis, since there is no way to find out the actual answers. Still, it helps me measuring how important are all the small things of life, how they add up, how they do matter. I find these questions to be like coffee for the mind, forcing it to be awake and not letting it overlook too many things.
Mother Love by gyaban
Mother Love
No stock, everything photographed and edited by me.

Imagining what life could be like elsewhere in the universe is an essential question to me. When I was a child, it really was something that kept me awake at night. I remember lying in my bed, in the dark, closing my eyes as firmly as I could, staring at the psychedelic colors that one can spot in such situation, pretending these were the stars that other lifeforms could see in their own skies.

Human beings are mostly frightening. No need to be specific here, just look at the news. What if beings from other planets would arrive tomorrow? What would they think of us? Would they agree with the arbitrary choices that we have made long ago, that are almost never questioned down there? For example, they would discover that humans have drawn imaginary lines, in order to split the planet in what is called 'countries', then fight each other, because some inhabitants are jealous about what others have on 'their' parts. They would see that some have easy access to food and water, while others are starving to death. Even inside a given country, they would see that some have access to knowledge and education, while others can't read nor count. Inequality and intolerance is everywhere. I would love to see aliens from outer space come and visit us: maybe their external opinion would make us think a bit about this shameful show we are currently giving to the cosmos.

But how could they actually look like? It is of course very hard to tell. Scientists would probably try to guess according to their living environment (for example, gravitation level, components in their atmosphere, etc.) but evolved beings could have negated these effects with their technology, so in the end, it is pretty much unpredictable. However, by definition, any life form is supposed to... live. This implies some kind of reproduction (or immortality, and even then, there is the problem of the first individuals). Of course, this reproduction does not necessarily involve a male and a female, many variations are possible (parthenogenesis, hermaphroditic reproduction, sexual reproduction with 2 or more individuals, or even other ways such as fully synthetic reproduction). Regardless of the way, the process probably establishes a relationship between the creator(s) and the created. Would the creator(s) be proud, happy? Would the created be thankful, or appreciative? Would some kind of love exist? Maybe naively, I tend to think so. This is what I wanted to depict here: in life, appearances may not be always up to our personal tastes, but positive and warm feelings still do exist.


gyaban's Profile Picture
Christophe Kiciak
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I am a self-taught hobbyist, who simply enjoys creating unusual images. My work never contain anything but my own photos, combined into surreal, conceptual, or fantasy oriented pictures. My beloved wife Marianne is helping me, especially on the artistic side of the creations (sets construction, image composition, color choices, overall feeling).

I am convinced that a great deal of what “Art” is lies in doing things differently. In visual arts, looking at things from another angle, modifying the lighting, adjusting an expression, or changing an attitude can bring life to an otherwise dull work. However, seeking difference simply for the sake of it is probably not a good way to obtain the best results. This is where “Creativity” steps in. I would personally define it as the ability to use difference as a tool to bring interest. Therefore, being creative is very important to me. Of course, I often fail at it, but I believe that pursuing that goal is the path I should follow.

Creating a new image is a whole process to me. Some photographers are able to instinctively recognize a worthy situation, find the best angle, and shoot it, all in a matter of seconds: this is a talent I don’t have. However, what I can do is imagine concepts, draw several rough sketches to see how they could be efficiently translated into pictures, determine all the various photos I am going to need, hunt patiently for them, plan additional shooting sessions, and assemble everything on the computer. As a result, my images are like personal statements, a bit like a novel for a writer. Everyone is free to like or dislike them, to agree with my point of view or not, but fact is there is no cheating in them: my images are the direct reflection of my thoughts, the traces of my existence.


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dyronl Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
You are a king of photomanipulation my friend! Every now and then, I find some measure of discontent in where my artistic skills lie, and feel that without the ability to draw, or paint... ect, that my art will not be able to go anywhere. But you have rekindled a somewhat dimmed flame, I shall recommit myself to improving my photomanipulations without fear (while still developing other skills, but for want, not need) Thank you!
gyaban Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for your message! I am so glad if my pictures inspired you in any way. Actually, I started manipulating my photos this way too, inspired by what others were able to do, so it is great to see the manipulation virus keeps spreading :)
Bluefiregrl Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your work is wonderful. Do you make a living off of doing it?
gyaban Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks a lot, very kind of you. And no, I'm not earning any significant money from my images, it is just a hobby :)
IcoWizard Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015
Your works are amazing, love them.
gyaban Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much, much appreciated.
DrifterPalmPlant7206 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015   Traditional Artist
Looks like interesting imagination causes amazing artworks.
Jassy2012 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Jocelyne's roses by KmyGraphic

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RJBG Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015
Incredible! Amazing work! ( :
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I'm honored indeed. Merci pour le watch!
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