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Emilie's World by gyaban
Emilie's World
Let me introduce you to my daughter Emilie!
She was born on September 13, and she is the sweetest baby ever :-)

As usual, everything photographed and edited by myself, no stock!
Anti-propaganda Propaganda by gyaban
Anti-propaganda Propaganda
Everything photographed and edited by me, no stock.

Our world is made of sides. I suppose that if beings from outer space would visit our planet, they would be extremely surprised about how divided we are, especially for such a small ball in the cosmos. Countries, regions, political parties, religions, education, various industries, wars, various laws, various rights: literally anything is a ground for division. The existence of these groups is so commonly accepted that many don't hesitate to actually define themselves through them: "I am an ecologist", "I am an atheist", "I am a democrat", and so on.

Yet, if one would step back for a minute, what looks obvious is how similar people are, despite those beliefs. Most feel the same coldness under the same rain, the same fear after the same noises during the same nights, the same illnesses after behaving the same way, the same love for the same relatives, the same mothers worrying about the same children, the same alcohol to forget the same things. Even when it comes to what we are physically made of, genetics studies show that Europeans, Americans, Africans, Japanese or even Siberians people all have common ancestors (that actually lived in Eastern Africa). In a nutshell, technically, we all are brothers and sisters.

From there, why this irrepressible need to create groups and subgroups? Why create categories? Are we that arrogant to need this illusion of being different? Do we feel better with boundaries around us? Is it that important to defend some kind of side, to the point it becomes vital to destroy other ones? In the light of our deep identity, how absurd is that?

The guy on the picture is obviously against propaganda, but by attacking it, he is also doing some kind of propaganda. This is why the picture is recursively shown inside the paper he is holding, in order to illustrate the paradox lying there: even if you are against propaganda, there is not much you can do, because fighting it is also doing some. I am helpless about it, of course, but still, I am wondering why we stuck ourselves in this foolish situation...
Sinking by gyaban
Everything photographed and edited by me.

"Nobody knows you when you're down" said the song. While it is not always true strictly speaking (some, including myself, are fortunate enough to have a loving family or friends), it still can reflect one's feelings. When you get into significant trouble, you tend to feel like no one is actually understanding you, like nothing can help you out. Such situation can have various causes: losing your job, losing a parent, a pet, illness, or even more superficial things. From there, the perception of the surrounding world often becomes altered: food have no taste, jokes are never funny, everything looks dumb, there is no reason to get out of the bed. The mind wanders through the memories of what have been lost, trying to live once more in that past time. Through that surreal creation, I wanted to present how things could look from that point of view: the man feels like he is drowning, even though there is no water, while others are passing by without much care, in a changing world that is slowly and ineluctably absorbing and digesting what he once was, what he will never be again.

Technically, it was interesting to create a location out of various photos (these were shot in France):
- The main building was shot in Rouen (Tourist Office, in front of the cathedral), as well as the Tavern in the background
- The sidewalk was shot in Mantes-la-Jolie (sidewalks in Rouen were mostly paved, and I wanted a more fluid texture on the ground, so that the person could sink into it)
- Street lamps were photographed next to the castle of La Roche-Guyon
- The rest was shot in my home studio
Problematic Dental Care by gyaban
Problematic Dental Care
Single shot, continuous lighting.

Dental care problems are often overlooked when it comes to vampires, don't you think? Not mentioning their shaving, or make-up... these guys definitely could use some consideration ;-)

The photo was achieved by posing a first time in front of the mirror, with the camera on a tripod, to make sure the angle and settings remain the same. Then I modified the reflection in post-production, deformed it appropriately in order to compensate for the camera viewpoint, printed it in real size and put it over the mirror. From there, I took the final shot, by posing again, in the same exact position. You probably can't see it on the photo, but hot wax was falling into my hair, left ear and clothes: staying put was a bit of a challenge! Anyway, it was quite fun to disguise and design that one, a fun way to spend a rainy Sunday.

Delirium Tremens by gyaban
Delirium Tremens
Why is alcohol so popular? Why is this drug culturally so positively perceived, despite all the problems and deaths it is responsible for?

A first explanation lies probably in the short-term effects of such beverage. Alcohol increases self-confidence, sociability, and decreases anxiety: it is easy to temporarily feel like being a better person, which is always good for ego. As a consequence, under such influence, people tend to try things they usually wouldn't: attempt physically dangerous things even though you are usually afraid of them, go talk to that beautiful lonely woman even though you are usually too shy for that, use bad language even though you are usually very polite, etc. After all, it is very natural to aspire becoming a better person.

Of course, those effects are a lie, just an illusion. Most people are aware of that, but keep drinking anyway, be it occasionally or regularly. Just an illusion, but a strong one. This is where things can easily get pretty bad. In addition of the previously mentioned effects, one could also quote delayed reactions, impaired senses, dizziness, vomiting, decreased heart rate, impaired memory, unconsciousness. These ones unfortunately lead to accidents, injuries, or even direct and violent deaths. Moreover, everyone also knows about alcohol addiction. This drug is quite powerful, and getting rid of it once it managed to intoxicate your life is extremely hard. Keep in mind that in western countries, about 10% of the population had or has some serious alcohol dependance problem. An incredibly huge ratio.

In that creation, I tried to illustrate what kind of lying beast is alcohol. I symbolized it using those eyeballs and the giant tongue, which becomes a smiling woman, looking much better than the thing itself, designed trap its victims efficiently. The man doesn't seem to realize what is really happening, and his life is slowly being flushed in a vortex, including his own body, his money, his family and friends. You can see that I represented those with their heads covered: too often, relatives choose to look away, and let the person sink.

Technically, it is composed of 39 photos I took:
- 3 shots for the sky
- 1 shot for the man
- 1 shot for the woman
- 2 shots for the vortex
- 6 shots for the eyes
- 1 shot for the wine
- 1 shot for the giant glass
- 1 shot for the big cork the man is lying on
- 3 shots for the money
- 2 shots for the wine spills
- 1 shot for the plank
- 6 shots for the little characters
- 4 shots for the bottles
- 3 shots for the tongue
- 2 shots for the decomposing leg
- 2 shots for the detached foot

Thanks for watching!


gyaban's Profile Picture
Christophe Kiciak
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I am a self-taught hobbyist, who simply enjoys creating unusual images. My work never contain anything but my own photos, combined into surreal, conceptual, or fantasy oriented pictures. My beloved wife Marianne is helping me, especially on the artistic side of the creations (sets construction, image composition, color choices, overall feeling).

I am convinced that a great deal of what “Art” is lies in doing things differently. In visual arts, looking at things from another angle, modifying the lighting, adjusting an expression, or changing an attitude can bring life to an otherwise dull work. However, seeking difference simply for the sake of it is probably not a good way to obtain the best results. This is where “Creativity” steps in. I would personally define it as the ability to use difference as a tool to bring interest. Therefore, being creative is very important to me. Of course, I often fail at it, but I believe that pursuing that goal is the path I should follow.

Creating a new image is a whole process to me. Some photographers are able to instinctively recognize a worthy situation, find the best angle, and shoot it, all in a matter of seconds: this is a talent I don’t have. However, what I can do is imagine concepts, draw several rough sketches to see how they could be efficiently translated into pictures, determine all the various photos I am going to need, hunt patiently for them, plan additional shooting sessions, and assemble everything on the computer. As a result, my images are like personal statements, a bit like a novel for a writer. Everyone is free to like or dislike them, to agree with my point of view or not, but fact is there is no cheating in them: my images are the direct reflection of my thoughts, the traces of my existence.


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